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Portrait Process




My style places an emphasis on pastel, colored pencil and conte but my work often includes watercolor and ink as well. Portraits tend to be roughly life size with a natural, uncomplicated background. 

I work from photos so they are extremely important. I can only draw/paint what I can see, so if the photo is blurry it is hard to work with. The photo does not however have to be perfect, just clear. I can change the background and can often adjust things like flyaway hair and awkwardly positioned clothing. If you have an existing photo, send me a high resolution digital copy to see if it can be used. I can also take the photos myself for an additional fee plus the cost of transportation and you will receive digital copies of all photos taken. If possible, I love to meet my subjects in person to get a feeling for their personality, facial expressions,  mannerisms and coloring. If that is not possible, a short video or multiple photos are also helpful.        


After our initial contact, the first step in the process is to have a conversation either in person, by phone or over skype to answer your questions and talk about your desires for the portrait. We will look at  photos if you are providing them or make plans for me to take them then select a reference photo together. Before I begin we will discuss the overall tone of the portrait, composition, media choices, size, determine the cost and time frame and sign a simple contract. Half of the agreed upon price is due in the form of a deposit when the contract is signed. 

Pricing is determined by the complexity of the piece rather than size. Pricing considerations include using monotone vs full color, head and shoulders vs waist up vs full body and a detailed vs a simple background.

The approximate price range for individual people is $300 - $500 and for individual animals it is $200 - $400. 

Multiple subject portraits are available. The approximate price range for two people is $600 - $800, for two animals it is $400 - $600 and for one person and and their pet is $500 - $700. 


 I offer discounts for multiple commissions within the same family or group and I offer a discount on portraits of adopted animals.  


The average time from deposit until delivery is three to six weeks. There can be a waiting list. 

All materials I use are of archival quality and the finished work will be sealed with fixative if applicable to the medium used. 

New York State tax, delivery/shipping costs and framing are the responsibility of the buyer.

Gift Certificates are Available.

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